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Investment: $450 or 300hr YTTs: $350

Reiki Level I & II:

  • Participate in (4) group meditations

  • Receive (4) attunements

  • Learn the history of Reiki

  • Learn the (5) principles of Reiki

  • Learn the hand positions for giving self and for others a treatment

  • Give yourself a Reiki treatment

  • Give and receive full body Reiki treatments

  • Learn the power symbol to intensify the Reiki energy

  • Learn the mental/emotional balancing symbol to balance the brain and enhance spiritual and emotional growth, and can be used for healing unwanted habits

  • Learn the distant healing symbol that bridges time and space and has been used to heal emotional wounds from childhood, to empower the realization of future goals, and to send healing to others.

  • Be introduced to other healing techniques

  • Receive a Reiki Level I & II handbook, which includes tips on how to start your own Reiki practice

  • Receive a certification as a Reiki Level II Practitioner



private sessions

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